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Waterworks offers a range of 13 custom finishes-reflective, burnished or matte. With a solid brass foundation, these lustrous and unique finishes are applied using our proprietary processes to fittings, wall-mounted accessories, hardware and finishing details. Whether you’re looking for the color and warmth of aged metal, a cool metallic hue with classic appeal, or the refined radiance of a statement piece, the right finish transforms and elevates a space.

11 of our metal finishes are now available to quick ship in as little as four weeks.

*See a sales associate for details. Gold and Matte Gold finishes are available within a longer lead-time.

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    description of the finish.

    Rich, burnished tones, with highlights ranging from ochre to red oxide, characterize the antique brass finish. This traditional finish becomes more beautiful with use.
    Rustic and warm hued, antique copper speaks of an early age. The organic feel of this finish is ideal for traditional environments, both bath and kitchen.
    Deep earth tones overlayed with subtle highlights are the keynotes of the architectural bronze finish. A patina will develop with use revealing hints of yellow.
    A warm finish with a soft reflective quality, achieved by oxidizing and hand-rubbing polished brass to create the illusion of age. Over time, the patina will evolue into a classic golden-brown tone.
    Is a warm gray finish with a soft reflective quality. It is achieved by applying a patina to the polished Nickel base and than polished with a soft cotton brush to give the illusion of age, but maintain the highlights and warmth of nickel.
    Is a dark hand-rubbed, mellow finish. Its dark gray/brown color has beautiful highlights of warm brass. The finish is achieved through oxidation and brushed by hand. It has the effect of an elegant piece of bronze art; no two pieces are exactly the same.
    The cool blue hue of chrome conveys a classic appeal, adaptable to both traditional and modern environments. A durable finish, with minimal maintenance makes chrome ideal for designated bath applications, as well as kitchens.
  • GOLD
    The traditional statement of refined elegance. Gold radiates an elemental brilliance, making a statement in powder and master bathrooms.
    The soft, rubbed surface is reminiscent of the color of ingots. Radiant in its appearance, matte gold conveys a sense of vividness that works well in traditional surroundings.
    The soft, warm grey color of matte nickel transitions both classic and modern environments.
    The depth of nickel transmits soft, warm reflection. This traditional finish settles into its environment by developing a patina which changes its tonality and adds texture.
    A lustrous silvery gray created by plating nickel onto solid brass, and hand-treating it to add depth and character. A living, evolving finish, pewter becomes even more beautiful with use.
    Rich, sleek and durable, this blackened-gray metal finish is created through a four-step protective process, so it won't develop a patina over time.
    The rosy hues of shiny copper convey a strong reflectance. Its unadorned charm makes this finish ideal for rustic environments. Quick to develop its patina, shiny copper can also be maintained so that its brilliance remains constant.
    Taking its inspiration from aged antique coins, the cool and shadowy surface of sovereign accents volume and form. A handsome and dignified finish lends itself to both formal and casual settings.
    The yellow tones of unlacquered brass communicate warmth with this traditional finish. As unlacquered brass settles into its space, a patina soon develops which enhances its antique appeal. A gentle wipe of the faucet is all that is required for maintenance, unless one is looking to restore this finish to its polished state.
    An elegant choice for both contemporary and traditional spaces, this finish has a distinctive golden luster tempered by subtle darker tones. The metal patinates over time, for a mellow, heirloom effect.
*Quick ship lead-times may vary from 4-8 weeks and do not include shipping. Gold and matte gold finishes have a longer lead-time. Waterworks Studio is only available in stocked finishes. See a sales associate for more information.