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Empire 66 1/2" x 34 1/4" x 24" Right Corner Rectangular Bathtub with End Drain

Style #: EMBT03
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  1. Specification

    The Empire collection makes a bold statement; designed as an adaptation of styles popular in England and France during the late 19th century.

    • Our Empire tubs are made of fiberglass materials; the exact materials are a trade secret.
    • Thermal insulation helps maintain water temperature
    • The interior and exterior are hand finished.
    • The luxurious depth and essential simplicity of the interior bathtub allows complete comfort for one or two bathers.
    1. Care and Cleaning Summary: To clean the finish, wipe gently with a soft damp cloth and then with a soft dry towel. A mild soap solution can be used for daily cleaning. In addition, a non-abrasive basin tub and tile cleaner is recommended for regular cleaning and disinfecting.
    2. Metric Dimensions: 168.91cm x 87cm x 60.96cm
    3. Water Capacity: 302.83 LITERS
    4. Overflow Opening: Yes
    5. Antibacterial: No
    6. Hole Type: Drain, Overflow
    7. Bathing Well Inside Material: Polymer Composite
    8. Drilling Option: None
    9. Flange Material Options: Rubber
    10. Waste and Overflow Location: Left Hand Overflow
    11. Item Weight (Filled): 390.54 KG
    12. Depth to Overflow: 406 MM
    13. Outside Primary Material: Polymer Composite
    14. Bathing Type: Bathing, Soaking and Showering
    15. Item Weight: 194.00 POUNDS
    16. Metric Item Dimensions: 168.91cm x 87cm x 60.96cm
    17. Bathing Well Inside Finish: Glossy
    18. Bathtub Slip Resistance: Not Applicable
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