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Endless Possibilities Noteworthy Neutral Textural Statements Cinematic MasterPiece

Endless Possibilities

Transform walls and floors throughout the home: Our newly evolved Keystone and parquet collections mix easily, inviting bold, decorative effects. View the catalog  

Noteworthy Neutral

A cool, creamy beige enhanced by the raw beauty of tiny fossils, our new Piedmont Blond Keystone combines old-world elegance with contemporary appeal. View Keystone  

Textural Statements

When hand-distressed by artisans, Keystone takes on a beautiful antique patina – an effect that lends itself to both classic and cutting-edge looks. View Keystone  

Cinematic MasterPiece

Embrace color and pattern: Our new MasterPiece stone parquet styles come in two sizes and a vast palette, so you can design any look you dream up. View MasterPiece  


Thermostatic Digital Shower

A single modern controller replaces traditional temperature, volume and diverter controls.


Take Time for You

After the guests have gone, relax and recharge with a well-appointed bath.


Pendant Lighting

Making a subtle design statement, stylish ceiling fixtures brighten any space. View Now

Every fitting or fixture, tile or textile meets our uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence — proving that functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand.
Our Heritage
The made-to-order program offers clients an expansive range of possibilities, including special finishes on fittings, custom colors and sizes for ceramics, artistic mosaics, and custom kitchen sinks.
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